Locally Owned and Managed

Eco Green is NOT a franchise, it is a Manitoba owned and managed company, that has been in business over 20 years. Because we are local, we know what Manitoba lawns need.

Organic Based Liquid Fertilizers

Our organic based fertilizers are phosphate free and blended to meet the demands of the season and weather conditions. Micro nutrient supplements are included with most programs. This means your lawn greens up faster and continues to grow healthier.

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NEW! Fiesta Weed Control

Starting in 2015 we will be using Fiesta Weed Control to control Dandelions and other weeds in your lawn. Learn more about Fiesta Weed Control here.

Knowledgeable & Professional Staff

Our experienced professional staff are all trained and paid employees. They don't work on quotas and are not "paid by the job". They spend time on your yard to do the work right, not rushing off to the next job.

Quick Service

Our large fleet of trucks means quick service because we're in your neighbourhood every day.